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Home of the original Sweany SITE-A-LINE made in the USA since 1958!

The Sweany SITE-A-LINE is the original and most accurate boresighting instrument used by hunters, gunsmiths and millitary ordinance groups the world over.

SITE-A-LINE saves up to 80% time in locating front sight heights, installing ramps, scope mounts, receiver sights, checking barrel bedding, action bedding, barrel movement and inelling stocks as well as readjusting rifle and pistol sights.  

Through the use of spud adaptors, one SITE-A-LINE fits all makes and models of firearms.  Spuds are precision ground to fit the minimum bore sizes defined by arms manufactures and given hard chrome plating to resist wear and corrosion.   They are generally interchangeable in several calibers in each bore size. 

SITE-A-LINE will withstand several times the abuse the normal scope sight will endure.  It is completely at home under severe hunting and weather conditions. 

Simply choose a SITE-A-LINE with the desired reticle type (we reccomend the diagonal reticle for universal compatibility with high and low power sights and iron sights) and then select the proper caliber spud from our categories of short spuds, long spuds and shotgun spuds.

We also offer a gunsmith's kit that comes with 16 common sized spuds, and M1 Garand Sights.

For more information, please see our FAQ, instructions or product details.  We also have an explanation of what defines a 'minute of angle'.

Note: Sales and shipping are to USA ONLY.   For international orders, please contact Brownell.

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